evelyn-reyEvelyn Rey was born at home on December 22, 2016, and weighed 7lb 14oz. Her mama sailed on the waves of a quick labor, all the while convinced there were hours left to be worked through.

It was a peaceful birth, candlelit and quiet, on a cool Winter morning. Evy’s grandmother lives in the neighborhood; our paths crossed in the front yard at dawn as I was packing up my mobile office. I always feel so proud of these strong women, when a new mother introduces a fresh babe to the matriarch.

2 thoughts on “EVELYN REY

  1. Mellannie Harrison

    What nice comments! Thank you for all you did for Ashlie and Evelyn! I’m so proud of Ashlie and how easily she brought my grandaughter into this world! She did it even better than I did and my two were pretty easy despite being hospital births! I’m so in love with this cutie! I know Ashlie is really going to miss you after her last visit with you! Take care and I wish you the best in your awesome career!


  2. Morgan

    Hi! This is Ashlie’s sister. 🙂 We also crossed paths in the yard that morning. I just wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work and care. It’s not everyday your big sister becomes a mom, so I am very grateful that you were there to help and coach. I am proud of Ashlie too! Thanks again for all you did to make sure my little neice arrived into the world smoothly and peacefully!



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