Calvin Peter ParhamWelcome to the World, Calvin Peter Parham! He arrived on February 6, 2017 after his mother worked through a swift labor with incredible grace. When I first walked into her bedroom, I thought she was sleeping …she was, in fact, pushing!

Thirty minutes later, we met a sweet 6lb 8oz baby boy, who squawked and sneezed on his mother’s chest – a beautiful, natural birth!



Tobias CrosbyTobias Crosby arrived underwater on January 12, 2017, while his mother and I celebrated FIVE beautiful births together. (Liberty Nicole just graduated to the role¬†of “Big Sister!”)

There a special¬†level of comfort built between a woman and her midwife after this much time together. She was joking with me during his birth, “Oh, I must be getting close, because I see you running through a list in your head and double checking supplies.” ūüėČ


axtell-antoneA sweet, sweet welcome to Axtell Antone! He was born on January 4, 2017, weighing a healthy 9lb 8oz. I feel privileged to have cared for this family, as the love in their home is overflowing! His mother and I built a connection of the heart during her prenatal care, and assisting her with a gentle and wholesome birth experience has filled my [chai tea] cup for the year!

Axtell’s arrival is beautifully¬†documented, and the intimacy of birth was well respected by Allison Corrin Photography.


evelyn-reyEvelyn Rey was born at home on December 22, 2016, and weighed 7lb 14oz. Her mama sailed on the waves of a quick labor, all the while convinced there were hours left to be worked through.

It was a peaceful birth, candlelit and quiet, on a cool Winter morning. Evy’s grandmother lives in the neighborhood;¬†our paths crossed in the front yard at dawn as I was packing up my mobile office. I always feel so proud of these strong women, when a new mother introduces a fresh babe to the matriarch.


eleanor-graceWelcome Earthside, Eleanor Grace! It was a peaceful and undisturbed birth, and I think her mama would have liked to savor the labor energy just a bit longer!

My favorite moment, was when Eleanor’s mother trusted that she was just minutes away from meeting her baby. Oh, the joy of supporting a woman catching her own baby after a cesarean …these birth days¬†are encouraging, and¬†will keep me working the looong (and short) labors for a lifetime.


Milo Star-LordWelcome to the World, Milo Star-Lord! He arrived underwater on October 12, 2016, after his mother worked silently through a steady and uncomplicated labor. He weighed in at 8lb 2oz, which was a surprise to his midwife. (I expected him to be a little smaller; his mama kept him securely behind strong abdominal muscles!)

Milo’s mother was supported¬†by her old-lady-Rottweiler-dog-doula, who birthed puppies at home herself. It was just the sweetest, and I could see¬†sympathy in¬†her¬†gentle canine eyes.


biloxi-lucilleBiloxi Lucille arrived in the early morning light on October 12, 2016, after a swift labor! Her mother called to notify me that regular contractions began, and then told me she was going back to bed. I am just so proud of this relaxed and confident first-time mama!

Biloxi was studying the midwife¬†as I¬†performed her newborn screenings, from the warmth¬†of her family bed, and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of her serious and inquisitive eyes. Home birth is comfortable¬†for babies, too!