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MeliA girl! Melina Brielle was welcomed Earthside at home on January 9th, 2018, with her three older brothers pool-side. (Hi there, Kyan!) She is the biggest of her mama’s babies, weighing 9lb 9oz, and is soaking up all the family cuddles.

There’s a special something about repeat clients …a comfort, trust, community, love, that just cannot be born from any other relationship. Women, find you a feminist care team!


Phoenyx DarkoWelcome, to a very special girl, Phoenyx Darko! She was born at home on July 17, 2017, into the hands of her father, and she reached up towards him immediately. Her birth video is magical!

Pheonyx is Styrling’s little sister – a rainbow baby rising from the ashes of his death, she is bringing so much light to their family. We were all flooded with tears upon meeting her for the first time.


Joy HelenJoy Helen was born on a warm evening in March, after a tranquil labor, and weighed 8lb 1oz. Her mother asked for peace with each wave, and that feeling was certainly WOmanifested.

When talking with Joy’s mama about her birth, she remembered thinking, “Oh, I guess I should catch her now!” after surprising herself with how quickly she arrived. A slow delivery of the baby’s head is a healthy transition for them both, but the body can come much faster!



axtell-antoneA sweet, sweet welcome to Axtell Antone! He was born on January 4, 2017, weighing a healthy 9lb 8oz. I feel privileged to have cared for this family, as the love in their home is overflowing! His mother and I built a connection of the heart during her prenatal care, and assisting her with a gentle and wholesome birth experience has filled my [chai tea] cup for the year!

Axtell’s arrival is beautifully documented, and the intimacy of birth was well respected by Allison Corrin Photography.


Styrling ReedWelcome to this World, Styrling Reed! He was born underwater on June 23, 2016, surrounded with many family members all showing him love.

Heather Sears Photography captured some beautifully tender moments, and I’ve spent many hours reminiscing Styrling’s intense and captivating arrival. His mama worked through the night with her mammalian instincts, while the sunrise brought her 6lb 9oz baby boy safely Earthside.



FordFord John arrived just in time, after his mother had planned for a Springtime baby born in the month of May! In his home there is a “birthday season” celebrated from February to June, which seems to be quite the party!

Ford’s mother felt empowered throughout her maternity care, and my heart is happy to have offered her an experience she values. I’m also thrilled to share a beautifully documented video, with thanks to Tabitha Rhea Photography.