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Isaac BryanWelcome Earthside, Isaac Bryan! He was born in his family’s living room, welcomed by his siblings, and has been grinning since. Isaac weighed a healthy 8lb 10oz, with dimples, and kissable cheeks, and adorable chins.

His mother is a repeat client for me, from back in the day when I was a wee midwifery student. Our last baby together was born during a February blizzard, and Isaac arrived over a Strawberry Moon!



Sofia ElizabethHello, sweet Sofia Elizabeth! She was born peacefully at home on July 29, 2016, weighing a healthy 8lb 12oz, while her mama sang her an original welcome lullaby …as the birth team watched on with misty eyes.

Sofia’s mother felt a strong she-roarness, and I’m super proud of her determination and control with her healthcare choices. This is one more empowered and informed case for the midwifery record books!


Arbor GrayI am so happy to introduce Arbor Gray to my home-birthed family! She arrived Earthside via VBAC, and I will never forget her mother’s radiant smile as we heard this newborn squeal for the first time.

Arbor was born on April 7, 2016, under the glow of afternoon light in her parents’ bedroom. We were all beaming with joy after supporting this mother through a triumphant, and healing, birth. This little 8lb 1oz bundle of snuggles is a perfect reward, too.