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Jules MarieWelcome to the World, Jules Marie! We met this concert-loving sweetheart on March 18, 2017 with the assistance of a skilled physician. We needed a little extra help in addition to our home birth team, and the first words this woman said to her hospital nurse were, “Can I give you a hug?”

Her mother triumphed through a few days of start and stop labor, and was rewarded with a vigorous 7lb 3oz baby girl who was born into her father’s hands. A gentle, and empowering birth!


Cosette RainerWelcome to the World, Cosette Rainer! This beautiful baby girl was born into the arms of her parents, as sunshine beamed through the living room windows.

Cosi’s mother triumphed through labor, and as a first time mom delivered her 9lb 3oz baby with incredible strength. I am also impressed with the steady support her husband provided, and I’m happy to suspect that their girl will grow to be quite the feminist!