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Mack ZacharyWelcome to your mother’s arms, Mack Zachary! He weighed in at 10lb 8oz and is measuring up to be a giant sweetheart!

Let’s talk about his mama… her energy was always relaxed, confident, and determined. Progress slowed during labor, but she sat herself down at the kitchen table to eat a full meal at 9cm dilation, and we continued. (Walk, squat, sip on water, walk, squat …and repeat!) This crossfit woman is a powerhouse, and her big boy is so lucky she’s his.


XavierLook at this giggling smile! Xavier Na’im O’Neal was born on May 26, 2016 after a challenging labor. His mother worked tirelessly: I have beautiful memories of this woman rocking her hips up and down the stairs with her mama by her side, squatting on a deck overlooking the healthy Spring field, finding comfort in water, and entertaining every position I suggested. (Her family raises horses, and we were smirking over the brief fouling stages!)

Her 7lb 11oz babe was born via cesarean, as we tried everything! Gosh, he is worth it all.