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Joy HelenJoy Helen was born on a warm evening in March, after a tranquil labor, and weighed 8lb 1oz. Her mother asked for peace with each wave, and that feeling was certainly WOmanifested.

When talking with Joy’s mama about her birth, she remembered thinking, “Oh, I guess I should catch her now!” after surprising herself with how quickly she arrived. A slow delivery of the baby’s head is a healthy transition for them both, but the body can come much faster!



Kyan LutherWelcome to the World, Kyan Luther! He was born on June 9, 2016, and this not-so-little guy weighed in at 8lb 13oz. This birth was intense, but his mama felt a strong relaxation under Hypnobabies guidance!

Kyan’s mother had always wanted a home birth, but she didn’t have access to midwifery care with her older children. I am honored to have assisted this woman in catching her own baby, and trust that she is forever proud of herself!


Cosette RainerWelcome to the World, Cosette Rainer! This beautiful baby girl was born into the arms of her parents, as sunshine beamed through the living room windows.

Cosi’s mother triumphed through labor, and as a first time mom delivered her 9lb 3oz baby with incredible strength. I am also impressed with the steady support her husband provided, and I’m happy to suspect that their girl will grow to be quite the feminist!