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Isaac BryanWelcome Earthside, Isaac Bryan! He was born in his family’s living room, welcomed by his siblings, and has been grinning since. Isaac weighed a healthy 8lb 10oz, with dimples, and kissable cheeks, and adorable chins.

His mother is a repeat client for me, from back in the day when I was a wee midwifery student. Our last baby together was born during a February blizzard, and Isaac arrived over a Strawberry Moon!



Jules MarieWelcome to the World, Jules Marie! We met this concert-loving sweetheart on March 18, 2017 with the assistance of a skilled physician. We needed a little extra help in addition to our home birth team, and the first words this woman said to her hospital nurse were, “Can I give you a hug?”

Her mother triumphed through a few days of start and stop labor, and was rewarded with a vigorous 7lb 3oz baby girl who was born into her father’s hands. A gentle, and empowering birth!


Calvin Peter ParhamWelcome to the World, Calvin Peter Parham! He arrived on February 6, 2017 after his mother worked through a swift labor with incredible grace. When I first walked into her bedroom, I thought she was sleeping …she was, in fact, pushing!

Thirty minutes later, we met a sweet 6lb 8oz baby boy, who squawked and sneezed on his mother’s chest – a beautiful, natural birth!



Tobias CrosbyTobias Crosby arrived underwater on January 12, 2017, while his mother and I celebrated FIVE beautiful births together. (Liberty Nicole just graduated to the role of “Big Sister!”)

There a special level of comfort built between a woman and her midwife after this much time together. She was joking with me during his birth, “Oh, I must be getting close, because I see you running through a list in your head and double checking supplies.” 😉


evelyn-reyEvelyn Rey was born at home on December 22, 2016, and weighed 7lb 14oz. Her mama sailed on the waves of a quick labor, all the while convinced there were hours left to be worked through.

It was a peaceful birth, candlelit and quiet, on a cool Winter morning. Evy’s grandmother lives in the neighborhood; our paths crossed in the front yard at dawn as I was packing up my mobile office. I always feel so proud of these strong women, when a new mother introduces a fresh babe to the matriarch.


pennyWelcome, Penelope Elizabeth Lottie! She was born into this World a bit earlier than we expected, weighing 4lb 4oz. This babe has been smiling since her first snuggle with her mama, and impressed her Neonatologist by breathing on her own and breastfeeding from the start.

I’m thankful for the co-care we received from a local Perinatologist, as she offered specialized medicine while supporting the original home birth plan. A community working to facilitate preferred care for women delivers healthy, smiling babies.


mariana-roseMariana Rose arrived underwater at home, and swam slowly into her father’s hands. She enjoyed a peaceful birth on a warm Summer night, and I’m honored to have cared for this sweet family.

I remember reassuring her mama during transition, “This is how babies are born.” Candles were lit, the birth pool was filled, and her baby was near. Soon, we welcomed a vigorous 7lb 15oz girl with eyes wide open, ready for this World.