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Isaac BryanWelcome Earthside, Isaac Bryan! He was born in his family’s living room, welcomed by his siblings, and has been grinning since. Isaac weighed a healthy 8lb 10oz, with dimples, and kissable cheeks, and adorable chins.

His mother is a repeat client for me, from back in the day when I was a wee midwifery student. Our last baby together was born during a February blizzard, and Isaac arrived over a Strawberry Moon!



Tobias CrosbyTobias Crosby arrived underwater on January 12, 2017, while his mother and I celebrated FIVE beautiful births together. (Liberty Nicole just graduated to the role of “Big Sister!”)

There a special level of comfort built between a woman and her midwife after this much time together. She was joking with me during his birth, “Oh, I must be getting close, because I see you running through a list in your head and double checking supplies.” 😉


Ruth ElayneWelcome to this World, Ruth Elayne! She arrived underwater on September 15, 2016, and weighed a healthy 7lb 12oz. Ruth is pictured here with her proud older brother, who was birthed at home, too!

Their mother is so delightful, and carries around the kind of energy that will always put a smile on your face. One piece of advice that I like to offer to women, is that we get what we spend our time thinking about …Ruth, your mama envisioned a beautiful birthday for you!