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Styrling ReedWelcome to this World, Styrling Reed! He was born underwater on June 23, 2016, surrounded with many family members all showing him love.

Heather Sears Photography captured some beautifully tender moments, and I’ve spent many hours reminiscing Styrling’s intense and captivating arrival. His mama worked through the night with her mammalian instincts, while the sunrise brought her 6lb 9oz baby boy safely Earthside.



SloanWelcome Earthside, Sloane Abigail! She arrived “sunny side up” on April 10, 2016, weighing in at 6lb 14oz. Her mother was not near as impressed by her posterior position as the birth team.

I met Sloane’s mother in her third trimester, after she never found comfort with her previous providers. She’s a Canadian, and couldn’t believe how medicalized her prenatal care had been in the US …seeing as she’s a healthy and low-risk woman. Birth is normal, eh!